• Commercial Kitchen Exhaust System or Pollution Control Unit.

• Multi-stage Filtration System designed to eliminate Oil, Grease, Dust Particles, Smoke and Odour from kitchen exhaust.

• Basic ecology unit comprises ESP section, Filter section, Odour control section, Fan section and Control panel.

• Optional accessories include Fire Damper, Odour Neutralizer, UV Lamp Control panel includes options for fire alarm, filter status, BMS alarm interfacing, fan status and control.

ExcelAirEcology units, a Five stage Filtration System, is designed to eliminate the Oil,Grease particles, Dust Particles , Smoke and Odour from the Kitchen exhaust. The units are engineered and constructed to meet today’s requirement of keeping the clean environment with economical solution in an easiest maintenance system. The EXCELAIRECO shall meet all requirements of commercial kitchen and ventilation standards and local government’s environment Airquality standards.

The ExcelAir Ecology units are easily mountable on the Roof-top, ceiling of Kitchen or any other area in the HVAC system’s Exhaust Air stream or any mechanical room workplace. ExcelAirEco units shall meet the Standard for Exhaust Hoods for Commercial Cooking Equipment, UL 710. The ETL certified/classified units are available with different filtration stages according to different and commercial applications with customer’s and environment friendly units. The Ecology units are designed as per NFPA 90 standard and UL standard.


The EXCELAIRECO units are widely used & the optimum solution for commercial kitchen exhaust requirements. It will arrest the minimum 95% of Oil & Grease, Eliminates the Smoke & Dust Particles from the kitchen as per ASHRAE 52.2 / EN Filter standards. Minimizes the smell/odor from the kitchen cooking environment. The units are best for Kitchen ventilation system in Hotels, Foodcourts, Restaurants, Hospitals, Schools, Malls, Commercial buildings, Colleges and other places.


  • Removes 95% of Oil/Grease, Dust Particles, Smoke
  • Minimizes and Reduces the Smell / Odor
  • Filtration Performance as per the ASHRAE / EN
  • Designed according to the Commercial kitchen standards


  • Hotels,
  • Restaurants,
  • Hospitals,
  • Mall Food Courts,
  • Commercial buildings
  • and Universities