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Our pursuit for excellence has helped us remain selective with tie-ups with our global partner suppliers. We are proud to be associated with some of the renowned names as our partners and to be in their first preference in business.

We are the master distributor for DURODYNE for the MENA and India. Established in 1952 DuroDyne Corporation has evolved in to the leading manufacturers of sheet metal accessories and equipment for HVAC industries

We also represent proudly AFICO that manufactures environment friendly premium glass wool thermal &Acoustical insulation products for roofs walls floors, A/C ducting and piping as well as acoustical ceiling panels.

In the field of adhesives and coating, Excel & Premium are two brands that we have established in the Middle East.

Our customer base includes HVAC Manufacturers, MEP Contractors, Retailers Traders and Exporters.



Aluminum - Glass cloth backing, combined with a high performance flame - retardant adhesive, protected by an easy-release silicone release paper.Excel-30 aluminum foil tape is developed especially to seam and seal Foil/FSK faced fiberglass duct board and duct-wrap insulation.


The popular products as Flexible Duct Connector, Vane Rails and Blade Kits for multi-blade dampers were originally developed and patented by Duro Dyne Corporation. Offers best Insulation Fasteners, Screws and Rivets, Adhesives and Sealers, Air Regulation Hardware and Tools. Pin Spotting equipment, Insulation Cutting Machine, Portable Spot Welders, Adhesive Applicator and Zone Control Systems has revolutionized the industry.


Premier brand products provide advanced coating solutions for the industrial, commercial and residential construction and maintenance markets, with substantiated proven performance.


AFICO manufactures premium environmentally friendly glass wool thermal and acoustical insulation products for roofs, walls, floors, A/C ducting and piping as well as acoustical ceiling panels at its Dammam based plant since 1982.


It is a very strong, flexible, compressible, light weight duct which is widely used in Air Conditioning and Ventilation Systems for Commercial, Industrial and Residential applications. It is highly efficient when correctly installed and provides a maintenance free service in normal operating conditions.


Fujairah Rockwool is a mineral fiber insulation material produced from locally available diabase rock with outstanding thermo-acoustic insulation properties. Rockwool products are used in both commercial and industrial establishments as in the insulation of power plants, desalination plants, ships etc. It reduces heat loss for fuel savings, control temperature drop, prevent condensation of outside ducts and pipes, reduce sound levels etc.


Copper tubes come in soft coils and hard drawn straight lengths. It is commercially used in plumbing, refrigeration, air-conditioning and related applications.

CHUTEX Glass Cloth

Fiberglass fabrics made from durable texturised. Fiberglass yarn are twisted and woven both warp and weft according to buyer’s specification. Chutex fabrics with heat treated process enhance further protection. Chutex fiberglass textiles are non-asbestos cloth materials, available with cloth blankets, tapes, silica, silicone, mesh, ropes, thread and many other series.


Split clamps, Clevis hanger, U-Bolt, Swile loop hanger, U-Strap, Rubber supports, Rubber pads, Rubber linings, Anti vibration pads, Anti vibration hangers, Anti vibration mount.

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