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Laundry Equipments

Laundry Solutions describes the establishment and growth of the company into one of the most regionally successful within the Laundry business.

Electrolux Laundry Systems - Sweden
Electrolux Laundry Systems, by far the world’s largest producer of powered appliances for kitchen, cleaning and outdoor use. Over a decade we are the authorized distributors of Electrolux laundry systems in UAE. With a comprehensive range of Laundry equipment including Washer Extractors, Barrier Washer Extractors for Healthcare Industry, Tumble Dryers, Hydro Extractors and finishing equipment, Electrolux Laundry Systems tailors solutions to the specific needs of individual businesses – from the laundries of apartment houses, Hotels , Health care institutions , commercial laundry operations to coin-operated launderettes.

Lagoon – Wet Cleaning by Electrolux is a unique product which is water based ecofriendly solution, the first and only one approved by Woolmark. This is truly sustainable choice with the use of water as the natural agent. The absolute absence of chemical solvents guarantees healthier conditions for the staffs of the Laundry room and the end users feels the freshness of the Laundry processed. This concept has a global presence with more than 650 installations world-wide.

Forenta - USA
Forenta manufactures and markets a wide range of products to meet the needs of the textile care industry. Equipment combinations in the Forenta System provide automation, labour efficiency and quality of finish as required today. Forenta’s partnership with CMS had developed to provide the best to the customers especially in the area of after sales service. Forenta provides finishings equipments from Laundry & Dry Cleaning Shirt Finishers, Trouser Toppers, Form Finishers, Garment Conveyor Systems which provide cost effective solutions to the needs of dry cleaners and laundries throughout the world. Forenta designs and builds quality products that are reliable, easy to use and safe. These products are sold and backed up by a worldwide network of dealers that provide recommendations, installation, training and service. Forenta supports this dealer network and their customers with additional service and engineering. Forenta products are sold throughout the world to dry cleaners, five star hotels, cruise ships, naval warships, hospitals and garment manufacturers. Forenta's reputation for its commitment to the customer is unequaled in the fabric care industry.

Thermopatch - USA

Marking / Identification Systems
Thermopatch – the World’s top leader in textile identification and Marking are the pioneers in development of modern labeling systems, heat sealing technology for the professional cleaners and work wear suppliers. As the authorized distributor of Thermopatch in Middle East, CMS grew itself as a dedicated & efficient supplier of its equipment & much used consumables for the Laundry & Dry cleaning industry. Thermopatch’s products ranges from Permanent & Temporary Marking Machines, printing software, Thermoseal Marking tapes, Die cut tapes etc. These products and ranges means perfect printing, long life span of printed material and optimum resistance to industrial laundry processes.


Drycleaning Machines
ITALCLEAN was established in 1986 by management with more than 30 years of experience in this field. At Italclean all the people and products play a key role to satisfy each customer's requirements: this is why laundry and dry cleaning operators with certain and specific requirements for their business and their future only trust Italclean. CMS the authorized distributor of ITALCLEAN Dry Cleaning Machines in UAE, have partnered to be a major driving force to reach their quality products with effective market competitiveness to the customers in UAE region. ITALCLEAN operates in many different countries both through distributors and subsidiaries and is one of the largest producers of dry cleaning machines in the world. The product range varies from small to big capacities of Dry cleaning Machines in different specifications. At ITALCLEAN High standards to control all steps of production and final tests always grant excellent quality, thus allowing our products to overcome the strictest tests of the most important certifications in the world. It has always succeeded in proposing quality products and highly technological solutions in both sectors, where the reliable and efficient results are all due to the remarkable flexibility skills in production and an extraordinary predisposition towards innovation.

CAMPTEL INTERNATIONAL is a worldwide recognized Italian manufacturer for finishing equipments. The increasing success of Camptel’s production, both on the Italian and foreign markets, helped them to take the decision to integrate existing production with a new line of industrial ironing machines, reaching the goal with integration of the “Camptel International” Company, transferring all the activities of production and technology, together to the most important human resources, chosen on the base of their professional skills. We CMS as one of their prominent distributers, had taken their product reputation to greater heights. Camptel’s product ranges from Laundry & Dry Cleaning Shirt Finishers, Trouser Toppers, Form Finishers, Garment Conveyor Systems, Packing machines etc

A clean cycle system was established in 1986 as a division under TQ Industries, Ltd. to manufacturer and market industrial filtration equipment to commercial and industrial laundry/textile processors. Clean cycle is a leader in lint filtering systems for this industry. The association of CMS with Clean cycle Systems works to the principle of environment protection in the field of Laundry & Drycleaning Industry. Clean Cycle Systems manufactures and supplies a wide range of capacities of Lint Collectors to suit specific needs of big and small Laundry businesses.

TAMFELT – Portugal
Tamfelt, now a sister concern of Metso Fabric Inc. are leaders in manufacturing and supply of flat work ironer padding, powder wax, guide tape ribbons, wax application cloth, cotton belts for folders, fasteners for cotton belts to OEM’s and distributors around the globe.

We manufacture and supply cloth hangers, PVC coated wire Hangers and White wire hangers, in various gauges and forms. The modern production unit with a massive capacity to meet the demands of the market always stood as a catalyst in supplying cloth Hangers in the most competitive prices.

Above all we undertake annual maintenance contracts on laundry equipment of hotels, commercial laundries, hospitals with professionally trained technical team to give your equipment long life and more value for your money.

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