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Air Filters

Pre Filter

Disposable CDPSC
Disposable pleated filters in cardboard frame in nonwoven media with laminated wire mesh reinforcement for freshair applications.

Polyfiber CPIR
Industrial Robust Pleated filters with high progressive dense washable polyfiber media for high velocity HVAC/ AHU, coarse particle filter applications. Available in different sizes.

Poly Flat
Washable Polyfiber media with mesh supports, best for fan coil units & low pressure drop coil units. Solution for Home applications & Automatic machine units.

Polyfiber Rolls
Washable synthetic media for different applications. The Fibers arranged to achieve the desired efficiency as per the standard. Available in rolls and cut pads

Auto Rolls
Synthetic & Glass fiber with high progressive dense adhesive coated media with scrim backing for Auto Roll / Roll-o-matic units. Available with & without spool. Can be replaced to all manufacturer units

Glass Rolls
High Dense Viscose Glass fiber media for fresh air higher particle filtration applications & HVAC low pressure drop applications. Available in rolls and cut pads

High Velocity permanent washable filter with Multi layers of fine mesh with pleated & flat form reinforced with expanded metal support. Suitable for oil /Grease / operation machines chip removal.

Aluminum filters made up of layers of Aluminum media, washable type available in different ply assembled in metal frame. Suitable for higher coarse particle filtration.

Filters with cardboard frame with less pressure drop, best suitable for FCU/PU/AHU applications. Pad & Frame are available for continuous and regular application.

Medium / Fine Filter

Ultra Pac
Ultra Pac synthetic melt blown media bag filter having high dust holding capacity with less pressure drop. Soft edged frame with J-channel construction to maintain uniform airflow ensures the efficiency leakage less construction.

Poly Pac
Aerodynamic design construction bag filters for high dust holding capacity usage, suitable for industrial applications, washable type multi layered progressive density fiber arrangement. Available in Plastic / Metal Frames

Pac filters with glass fiber multi-layer media offers high dust holding capacity for High degrees of High cleanliness filters suitable for static flow Conditioned areas, Industries, Chip Manufacturing, Computer & Optical fiber rooms air flow.

Vcell FG
Next Generation Mini pleat compact filters in micro glass fiber media, high surface area, high dust holding capacity, low pressure drop, increase filter life & ensured filtration performance with plastic ABS frame, best for green building concept and variable volume areas.

C Cell
Minipleated Micro Glass fiber / Synthetic media filters for High degree clean applications, Capable of High volume in compact design, ensuring the performance in less depth for multiple sizes & Applications

V Cell
Next Generation Mini pleat compact filters in Synthetic media, High Surface area, High Dust holding capacity, Low pressure Drop, Increase filter life & ensured filtration Performance with Plastic ABS frame, best for Green building concept and Variable volume areas.

Medium / high efficiency, high progressive dense media for disposable pleated filters, Low pressure drop, available in standard & high capacities, suitable for various applications, with & without reinforcement of GI expanded Mesh.

Rigid Filters
Synthetic or glass fiber media laminated with metal mesh, pleats are separated with Pleat separators for uniform airflow. Suitable for HVAC machine systems, filter banks.

Deep pleated micro glass fiber media with corrugated aluminium separator style medium & high Efficiency particulate rigid filters for uniform flow, suitable for Machines, Industries & Hotels.

Hepa Filter

Excelair Hepa for providing clean air with High Volume & High Velocity. Minipleat construction in Metal / Wooden board frames. Designed for cleanair applications with AHU Frames.

Minipleat Hepa Filters for Laminar / Turbulent Flow for OT, Work benches, CleanRoom applications. Suitable for Nuclear /Biological applications. Tested & Certified as per the standards. Available in different depths & Metal / Wooden board frames.

Minipleat Hepa Filters with More Media Pack for Industries, Pharma Companies to provide Ultra Clean Air. Suitable in Machines & for Turbulent applications too. Available in different depths & Metal / Wooden board frames.

Deep Pleated with Micro Glass fiber media & corrugated aluminum separators style construction. Constructed to provide Standard capacity Airflow. Suitable for Medium Velocity Clean Air Requirements. Available in various depths & Metal / Wooden board frames.

Designed for medium efficiency absolute Particulate filters, Suitable for Hotels, Facilities, Malls & industries. Available in various depths & Metal / Wooden construction.

Deep Pleated with micro glass fiber media & corrugated aluminum separators style construction. Constructed to provide high capacity air volume. Suitable for High velocity clean air requirements. Available in various depths & Metal / Wooden board frames

Carbon Filter

ExcelAir carbon impregnated with activated carbon in High Dense media for Pre odor removal general applications in pleated & panel forms. Reinforced with Mesh.

ExcelAir Carbon filter with Micro granulate Activated carbon granules embedded with dual layer media. Closely minipleated & enclosed in V type ABS Frame suitable for Odor Removal.

ExcelAir CACU filters in V-type construction assembled in refillable trays with Activated Carbon / Activated Alumina & Potassium Permanganate blend. Designed for different airflow & dwell time calculations.

Refillable & disposable Carbon trays with Activated Carbon / Activated Alumina & Potassium Permonganate blend for different odor removal applications. The size as per the airflow & dwell time.

Andrea Paper
Pleated Cardboard filters for paint collection at paint booths. Suitable for wet & powder coating booths.

Mini Mesh
Minimesh High Capacity expanded paper rolls for spray paint collection for Paint booth application. Available in Rolls & cut pads. Can be assembled in Metal frames & supply.

Paint Glass
High Viscose with oil, High dense with backing for Paint collection in paint booths. Available in different thickness rolls & different cut size pads for replacement too.

Diffusion Rolls
High dense paint booth diffusion media rolls with scrim back fine grade media for freshair supply for the spray paint applications. Available in cut rolls & cut pads.

Gas Turbine Filters

GT Cell
Excelair GT air intake filters box type deep pleat filters with dual layer micro glass fiber media with metal mesh at both the sides. Having high dust holding capacity & high burst strength. Available in all sizes

Turbo Pulse Filters
Designed for GT / Rotary machinery Intake fine filters, Self-Clean, High dust load capacity with stable in extreme conditions. Available in cylindrical & conical types. Can be used as Pre & Fine filter. Different grade water repellent media in cellulose, blended & poly media.

Gas Turbine Glass fiber media with high viscose oil for FreshAir Intake systems. Having high dense & special oil for adhesive trapping. Available in different size & replacement cut pads.

GT Glass
GT Glass Fiber media rolls for GT Freshair intake purpose, coleascer media. Available in three different depths. Can be supplied in Roll form & Pads.


Ducted Hepa
Single / Multiple stages for different Clean Room applications. Ensured Hepa Efficiency Leak proof construction, Factory Tested.Side Access Design as per Filtration / Clean Room standards.

Termi RSRS
For Laminar / Turbulent Flow applications, available in different sizes & depth. With diffuser pack & damper controls devices. DP Switches & Testing Ports provision.

Laminar DT
For laminar application in operation theaters.Designed as per airflow & international clean room/ OT standards. With light provision at Centre. Tested for 100% leak proof.

Termi RSRT
For Laminar / Turbulent Flow applications, available in different sizes & depth. With diffuser pack & damper controls devices. DP Switches & Testing Ports provision.

Termi RSRL
For Laminar Flow applications, light weight with Gel seal Hepa Filter, Leak Proof construction. Room side replacement housings with testing provisions. Supplied with Laminar Diffusers.

Odor Control
Ducted Housings for Odor Removal / Gas Phase / Kitchen Extraction, available in different multiple stages, Tailor made sizes & design, ensuring the result as per requirement.

Freshair Intake
Ducted Housing box with different options & sizes. Designed as per airflow to meet the requirement. Factory tested, supplied with side access doors, DP switches & Pressure measurement ports.

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