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Laundry Solutions

Hygiene is of most high concern in our day-to-day lives. The clothes we wear reflect our identity. Although our needs and the level of demand may vary but we always are in search for the best solution to meet our laundry needs whilst keeping in mind the environmental concerns.

We provide expert advice and professional consultation with complete plans, selection of complete equipment to meet your precise requirement and carry out the installation and commissioning of your laundry system. Partnering with the world’s highly recognized brands we try to bring smart solution to you perfectly designed to meet your unique needs.

We work on the principle of integrity, reliability and care and hence we help you maintain your system in prime condition, thereby reducing your stress and unexpected problems through our unmatched service quality. One of our main is make sure to reduce your overall operating cost and provide value on your investments.

Apart from providing effective laundry solutions we also have in place a special unit to manufacture PVC Coated Metal Hangers. They are available in blue & white colors.

We are the dedicated and committed supplier to the industry and we stress on the issues on hygiene and water conservation by catering to the specific needs of the Hospitality industry, Healthcare, commercial laundries. Labor camps, industry, Healthcare industry, commercial laundries, Labor camps etc.


We, CMS, support the Middle East market with manufacturing and supplies of Cloth Hangers in various gauges and forms. The modern production unit with a massive capacity to meet the demands of the market always stood as a catalysts in supplying cloth Hangers in the most competitive prices. We manufacture, PVC coated wire Hangers and White wire hangers to all the regional Commercial Laundry & Dry Cleaning units.

Above all we undertake Annual Maintenance Contracts on Laundry Equipment of Hotels, Commercial Laundries, Hospitals with professionally trained technical team to give your Equipment long life and more value for your money.

The brands we represent are of World class in nature

Electrolux Laundry Systems – Sweden
Forenta - USA
Thermopatch - USA
Marking / Identification Systems
Drycleaning Machines
TAMFELT – Portugal

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